Aust Champion Mistypoint Storm Warning

Whelped 25th January 2001

    storm_11_months.JPG (76272 bytes)    storm head 11m.JPG (40012 bytes)

Storm at 11 months

Storm's Pedigree


Ch Seelenmeyer Hunenkoenig CD ET

  Ch Schimmelbeck Rueger

Ch Ghyllbeck Carlina ET (Imp UK)

Aust Ch Rheinmunst Nonetheless

Ch Ghyllbeck Otis (Imp UK)

  Ch Seelenmeyer Ilsa CD

Ch Seelenmeyer Ebony


Eng Ch Axel Von Esterfeld Of Raycris (UK - IMP GMY)

  Aust Ch Raene The Kqrac Falcon JW (IMP UK)
  Eng Sh Ch Datroy Ovation Of Raene (UK) 
Aust Ch Mistypoint Peregrine ET
  Aust Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (IMP GMY)
  Aust Grand Ch Seelenmeyer Fantasia CD ADM JD ET
  Aust Ch Raene Passion (IMP UK)

Storm's achievements:

Storm has started his career as a Canine companion visiting aged nursing homes.

Class in group winner all breeds Championship show.

Storm has already started training in Obedience graduating to grade 1 and Agility in puppy class.

Multiple dog challenge winner and best of breed winner at Championship shows.

Storm gained his Australian Champion title in August 2002.

   Ebby & baby.jpg (30943 bytes)         2w sitting.jpg (30222 bytes)         2w walking.jpg (25595 bytes)

Storm with his mother                       Storm sitting at 2 weeks                     Storm taking his first steps

 3.5w Head.jpg (30912 bytes)    3.5w Toy.jpg (29724 bytes)   Looking out.jpg (35244 bytes)

Storm at 3 1/2 weeks

Chewing.jpg (37658 bytes)  Cute.jpg (38546 bytes)  Hello.jpg (26306 bytes)

Storm at 4 1/2 weeks getting cuter every day


 11 wks storm head .jpg (56387 bytes)    11wk storm on the move.jpg (50737 bytes)    11wk retrieving.jpg (51635 bytes)

Storm at 11 weeks showing how he can move and how much he likes to retrieve

11wks storm standing.JPG (66136 bytes)        11wk storm sitting.jpg (123174 bytes)

More pictures of Storm at 11 weeks

4.5 months stacked.JPG (104588 bytes)        4.5 months sitting.JPG (104840 bytes)        4.5 months head.JPG (109526 bytes)

Storm at 4 1/2 months

For more puppy pictures of Storm see "Ebony's Litter"

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